Bright Eye & Lip Plump

Treat your most delicate skin with an exfoliator and masque made especially for your eyes and lips. The additional attention given will melt years away from these hard to deal with issues.

Detox Leg Treatment

Paprika will spice up your legs by targeting cellulite and poor circulation. Try this enhancement out if you are dealing with dry & sore legs that need a good scrub.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

A great way to compliment your Facial by getting even more massage benefits. Aromatherapy oils can be mixed for a number of different issues and the massage technique is great for relieving wrinkle causing tension.

Each Choice $20
Facial Cupping Massage

Facial cupping is an incredibly effective lymphatic drainage massage. It helps to flush toxins and waste from the skin while promoting fresh bloodflow to the surface. The result is a bright renewed glow and collagen production!

Add to any facial - $25
Pure Skin Facial

1.25 hr ~ $105

We pride ourselves on a relaxing skin care treatment that delivers results.

Enjoy a completely customized facial using famous Hungarian massage techniques that actually lift and plump your skin.

Our Facial includes extractions if needed, a fruit based stimulating peel and a blend of masques that will target the results you want.

It's time to try the best Organic Facial in town!


Flawless Flash Facial

30 mins ~ $65

Flash facials are concentrated peels that can be done between regular facials or weekly for dramatic results

Arctic Berry Multi Acid Peel

Using our strongest anti-aging peel, we lift away discoloured dead skin buildup revealing a more radiant glow and restoring collagen production.

Yam & Pumpkin Pro Peel

Our Yam & Pumpkin enzymatic peel is rich in beta carotene to target discolouration and repair the signs of aging. Works great on environmental discolouration and scar pigmentation.

Acne Advanced Treatment

We use our entire Acne Advanced System to calm cystic acne, lighten acne scarring and soften congested skin. Have a more even oil secretion and get your confidence back by treating your skin properly!

Add $10 to include extractions


Petite Facial

45mins ~ $67

Take a cat nap when you're short on time. We provide a strong manual exfoliation and a masque to suit your skin type and even include a plumping face massage. A Petite Facial can leave your skin feeling soft and perk up your glow.

Try this treatment between your Pure Skin Facials if you just need to refresh.

Teen Clean

45mins ~ $67

A deep cleaning facial where stubborn blackheads are the focus.

Each product we apply is used to soften dirt within the pores. We then use our Oxidizing Treatment Masque to prep the skin for extractions.

Finally, a stimulating masque is applied to rid the skin of any bacteria post treatment.

This facial does not include any massage beyond the application of masques.

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