Hair Removal

All waxing is done with one time use disposable applicators. The body wax used is a cream wax for quick and gentle removal. Strip-less hard wax is used for the face to reduce irritation.
We apply our organic Stone Crop Body Lotion post-wax to calm inflammatory responses and ease redness.
The comfort of your skin is our top priority!

Brow Shaping - $15

Upper Lip - $6

Nostrils - $5

Chin - $10

Cheeks - $10


Lower Legs (includes feet and toes) - $35

Upper Legs (includes bikini line - $38

Full Legs (includes bikini line) - $67

Bikini (see sidebar for details)

Full Arms - $35

Half Arms - $25

Under Arms - $16

Back - $35

Chest - $35


Brow Tint - $15

Lash Tint - $15

Lash & Brow Tint - $25

Brow Shape & Brow Tint - $25


The Bikini Wax
The Bikini Wax comes in all shapes and forms. 
We make it our personal priority to keep you comfortable throughout the process. We provide a quick, clean service and walk you through every step, including getting the shape you want.
Don't let rumors or fears get in the way of a clean look. Let's start by de-mystifying the steps and care involved in each type of Bikini.


Traditional Bikini - $25

We remove slightly more hair than what would show in a bikini. We can go in as far as you like to make sure your comfortable with the look. We also remove a horizontal strip along the top.

Brazilian Bikini - $45

All hair is removed in the Brazilian except for a small strip or triangle at the top. The reason for this is different for each person. Typically this area is more sensitive, some can be prone to ingrown hairs and some just like a little bit of coverage while still feeling clean.


LA Bikini - $45

Some call this the full Brazilian, we call it the LA. This kind of bikini wax removes all the hair, leaving nothing behind. We also remove all the hair in and around the bottom.

Waxing Questions:


Does it hurt?

This is not a painless procedure. Although we do our very best to keep you comfortable, mostly covered and provide a quick and efficient service. Wax is the type of pain you immediately forget once you're done.

The good news? Each time you consecutively have a wax the pain is dramatically less.

How long should the hair be when I come in for my appointment?

Hair should be about 1/4 of an inch or two full weeks of growth. This means the moment you start to see stubble and you are unsure, wait two weeks before your next appointment. The actual rate of growth differs from person to person.


Will the hair stop growing if I wax for a while?

Waxing will dramatically slow the rate of growth but only with uninterrupted continued service. Hair won't ever stop growing but it will become quite sparse, meaning less pain!

Can I shave in between?

Waxing is a process that will have many benefits when done consistently. If you begin to shave in-between treatments, you essentially reset the process by allowing the hair follicle to heal and regrow a new hair.

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