Will my skin break out after a facial?

This is a common misconception. If it's been a long time since you've had a facial or if you don't have much of an at home routine, your skin will be harbouring bacteria that can lead to breakouts.

Without exfoliation and a moisturizer for protection, your skin will become inundated with dead skin cells that are mixing with your natural oils, make-up and pollution. Simply put, pores will be clogged and bacteria will buildup. When we clean the skin and remove the impurities, your skin will take this opportunity to rid itself of bacteria and dirt that was not able to be secreted before. This can create breakouts for about a week after your facial.

Luckily, we use a fantastic skin care line to fight bacteria! We combine detoxifying and spicy ingredients like jalapeño, paprika and nettle to speed up the process of eliminating toxins. We then use probiotics to give your skin the upper hand in the battle against harmful bacteria.

There's no need to worry about post facial breakouts, you will be one step closer to a glowing clear complexion!


Won't a facial peel make me red?

No, but the stimulants we add will make you flush. A peel can sound scary and you might even have visions of your face wrapped up until the skin has healed. There is a BIG difference between a refreshing peel that you have at a Day Spa and a total resurfacing peel you'd get at a medi-spa/clinic by a Doctor or Nurse. The peels we use are composed of fruit acids and enzymes, not chemicals. This means that depending on the type we choose for your skin, the masque will either dissolve the connective bonds that hold dead skin cells onto healthy ones, or they simply dissolve the dead skin cells themselves. Basically, peels reach a deeper level than a manual exfoliant could and it also boosts the production of skin cells and proteins like collage.



If I had to choose one product, what's the most important one?

There is no one product that is better than another. When we are trying to prevent age & damage or reverse an issue, you need a good home care routine that consists of different products to target it. If you choose the best moisturizer ever made, it still only has one job; prevent damage. It cannot stop dead skin cell buildup, clogged pores or make that sun spot disappear.

If you are pretty happy with your skin, the bare minimum to maintain your skin is to


This way, you are cleansing away dirt and bacteria, restoring your skins acidity to fight new bacteria, and maintaining your lipid barrier for plump, radiant skin.



Toners dry out my skin, why should I use one?

The oil your skin produces is naturally acidic. It's meant to keep bacteria and pollution from entering your body. When you cleanse your skin, you wash away your protective oils too and it takes a while for your body to replace them. In this time, your skin is susceptible to damage, it also cannot distinguish what ingredients to absorb and keep out, bad news for the moisturizer you're about to apply!

Toners should consist of acids, just like our skin does. If you find a toner is drying, you may be using the wrong one, or you may be using a toner made up of alcohols. Alcohols are a quick fix for oily skinned individuals and are marked as such. They are not protecting your skin, only making it more susceptible to damage. Please read your ingredients carefully. The front of the bottle only tells you what you want to hear!



My skin is so dry and flakey, nothing works!

Skin is meant to be a protective layer. When it becomes dry near the surface, the cells are meant to flake away to reveal a new layer of protective cells. Often, what happens is the dry skin cells get mixed with our make-up, moisturizers or oils and it causes the cells to stick to the surface. Our moisturizers cannot penetrate properly and we feel super dry and flakey. It's very important to exfoliate to remove built up dirt and excreted oils from our skin. Once exfoliated, your skin will begin to absorb product and show a more even, bright skin tone. Check with your aesthetician on what exfoliator you should use and how to use it.



My skin is so oily, I don't want anything on it!

Oil production is actually controlled by what is on the skin.

If you absolutely cannot stand to have anything on your skin, you're probably using the wrong product. Don't cheat yourself out of nutrients. Talk to one of our skin specialists and she can recommend something that will control oil secretion and make your skin feel more normal!



Why should I use organic? Aren't chemicals stronger?

Treat your body like a temple. Most product lines are using cleaner ingredients in their line-up because they are seeing the strength of impact they have. The difference is, when you fill that jar with preservatives or mix it with chemicals, the living ingredients die. We chose an organic, hand picked product so the ingredients stay fresh the moment you use them. Your body will readily absorb an organic product because it is meant to. Chemical products have strength to them, but most are made from animal by-products. The molecules are too large to absorb. Stay green and your temple will know how to process fresh nutrients!



I've used every anti-aging cream around, they don't work.

It's important to know how a cream is anti-aging and what additional steps to take for younger looking skin. Our skin loses collagen and elastin causing it to sag and wrinkle. Instead of looking for products that say "anti-aging" on the front, check the ingredients for things like essential oils, hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins. The next important thing to note is a moisturizer will NOT change your skin, it will only maintain the skin you have. You need to incorporate serums, masques and exfoliants to reverse damage that has already happened. 



What's the point of a masque?

A masque contains potent ingredients that you can't get in a moisturizer  Masques are a treatment that will target one specific issue and work to give you results that you can see. Masques can be cream, gel or clay based in texture. Cream bases are nice because you can use them as a night cream three times a week for optimal results. Each masque can be used differently, so ask your aesthetician how to get the most out of your routine.






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