*Spring of 2014 Pure Skin Day Spa was born


*Pure Skin is listed as a Green Spa


*Fall of 2014 Pure Skin Wins award for Star Spa Right Out of the Gate, as well as a nomination for Greenest Spa Initiatives


*Spring of 2015 Pure Skin celebrates 1 year anniversary and begins hosting skin bar seminars


*Fall of 2015 Pure Skin was nominated for Most Successful Event and Most Innovative Service


*With your help we have managed to plant over 7,500 trees through the Eminence plant a tree program

*Spring 2018 Pure Skin uses this time to give back to the Eminence Kids foundation



Pure Skin began on two principles. The first was an intense passion for skin care. It's not about looking good. It's about your health, your happiness and treating your body with respect. Next, was creating services that we could be proud of. We know that when you experience any service here you will feel the difference.

We strive towards growth in this industry. Trying to keep ahead of the trends as well as create them, we always seek knowledge to grow our spa services. We continue to attend courses and seminars several times throughout the year because we know you are never done learning.


Why the focus on skin care?

Skin care is such a necessary practice and yet so little is known about what we are absorbing into our body. We want to help you uncover the mystery of your skin. The more often we see fantastic results and transformations, the more inspiration we get to creating a great experience for you.

Thank you for joining us on this growing stage of Pure Skin Day Spa. We hope to continue to help you, treat you, and raise your expectation of what a spa should do for you. 



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