Individual Packages
Divine Heat
$170 - 1.75 hrs
Warming and relaxing, Our Hot Rock Back and Neck Massage is paired with our decadent Stress Release Facial. Always customized to each person, and includes our Eye & Lip treatment.
Pure Bliss
$250 - 3 hrs
The perfect trio of treatments.
We begin with an Indian Head Massage to ease tension in the upper back, neck and scalp. Next is a Eucalyptus infused Full Body Massage. We finish with our Stress Release Facial with Eye & Lip treatment.
We know you won't want to leave!
The Ritual
$185 - 3.5 hrs
Get the basic treatments that will leave you feeling complete.
The classic Manicure/Pedicure and our very own Stress Release Facial with Eye & Lip Treatment can be your little ritual.
Pure Recovery
$265 - 4.5 hrs
If you just need a getaway and want a bit of everything, this is the Recovery for you.
We start with our Classic Manicure/Pedicure and finish with our Eucalytus infused Full Body Massage and Stress Release Facial with Eye & Lip treatment.
A little bit of everything at the spa and a little bit of heaven!
Couples Packages
$175 for 2 - 1.5 hr
We perform a side by side Swedish Relaxation Massage that extends to a meditative scalp and face massage. We continue with a honey sugar scrub on your feet before an extended foot massage. This experience will send you both into a state of Euphoria.
Couples Reflection
$290 for 2 - 1.75 hr
Enjoy a wonderful Body Treatment side by side.
We begin with our Sugar Mango Glo to perfectly polish the skin. We finish with a Full Body Swedish Relaxation Massage. You can melt away together.
Pure Peace
$260 for 2 - 1.75 hr
This tranquil treatment is a special one to share.
We begin with an Indian head massage to begin your relaxation. We then custom blend an aromatherapy mixture and perform a Full Body Swedish Relaxation Massage using these oils. The scent is a wonderful way to send you into a meditative state.
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